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When you're ready to buy your first home, we can assist you with many important aspects of the sale.


From issuing title insurance to preparing closing documents we know our way around the home buying process.

When you're ready to add real estate to your investment portfolio, it can be invaluable to have an experienced attorney at your side during the process. We can assist you with all the necessary paperwork and offer knowledgeable advice.

Buying, selling or leasing real estate is often one of the largest transactions a person or business will ever make.

The advice of an experienced real estate attorney can help you achieve the best possible results for your transaction.

A Skilled Real Estate Attorney

Assistance with investment real estate

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Home buying legal assistance

- Real Estate Contracts

- Real Estate Closings

- Real Estate Litigation

- Breach of Contract Cases

- Deeds

- Contracts for Deeds

- Property disputes

- Landlord / Tenant Issues

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