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26 Jan. 21

Removing Tickets from Your Driving Record in Alton IL

Driving Record Management is Essential for Rideshare Drivers – Avoid Traffic Tickets

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare organizations actively review the driving records of people who provide driving services through their system. It’s not just an initial screening, but an ongoing verification that drivers are staying in line with company requirements. It’s essential that drivers working with these services manage their records and actively seek to limit the number and type of traffic tickets and other violations that appear on their driving record.

Ensuring Your Driving Record is Up-to-Date and Contesting Any Recent Traffic Tickets

For Alton, IL drivers, past violations will usually expire from their driving record in four or five years — but that’s not the best way to clean up past traffic tickets. A ticket defense attorney can not only help contest current violations but also ensure that no past tickets have remained on a driver’s record beyond their “expiration date.” The attorney’s goal is to minimize the appearance of violations on a driver’s record and keep clients active as rideshare drivers.

Pulled Over - Traffic Ticket Alton ILPaying the ticket isn’t the Only Option

Even if the ticket is already paid and forgotten, it can be addressed. A ticket defense attorney can use modification processes such as filing a “motion to vacate.” The idea is to handle how the offense is reported by changing the way it is recognized by the state driver information system. The attorney has many ways to attempt to make that change.

Factors in Removing Driving Offenses from the State Record

If the attorney is successful with a motion to vacate, this can provide the basis for a request to the Illinois Secretary of State to remove the driving conviction from the driver’s record. Success depends on a number of factors, including the number and type of tickets already on the driver’s record. Whether this ticket was handled by simply paying the fine or through an appearance in court, how long ago the offense occurred and what type of violation was involved, and even the courthouse where the ticket was assigned.

Careful Driving is the Best Defense, But Sometimes Drivers Need Help

Rideshare drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and that can increase the chance that they will get a ticket along the way. It’s important to make careful notes about any alleged violation and consult with an attorney right away to make sure that the best range of removal options remain.Traffic Ticket Attorney