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21 Mar. 22

Traffic Ticket Frequently Asked Questions For Residents of Bethalto, IL

What Should I Do If I Am Stopped for a Traffic Ticket in Bethalto, IL

Make sure that you first pull over in a safe manner as soon as you can. Put your vehicle in park and turn off your radio and engine. Make sure that if it is dark outside you turn on your overhead light, and keep your hands visible, while rolling down your window. It is best to wait to take out your driver’s license and insurance until it is requested by the officer. Any movement such as reaching into your wallet, center console, or glove compartment could be seen as a “furtive” movement by the police officer.traffic ticket

Although being stopped by an officer can be a stressful and frustrating experience, just remain friendly and calm. Do not make any excuses or argue with the officer. Your attitude is very important during this whole process and can influence the decision made by the officer.

If the officer asks you if you understand why you have been stopped, make sure that you do not admit guilt. It is very likely that you are being recorded with audio and/or video and this evidence can later be used in court. Make sure to politely let the police officer know that you are not sure why you were stopped.

If the officer claims that you have committed a traffic violation, politely ask if they would consider issuing a warning rather than a traffic ticket. If the officer decides to issue you a traffic ticket, you need to contact a traffic attorney while the details of the stop are still fresh in your mind.

Do I need a Lawyer for my Traffic Ticket?

You should always try to seek legal advice from an attorney when it comes to handling a traffic ticket in Bethalto, IL. A driver should not step into court without understanding their options and the consequences of having a conviction. It is typically not required that you retain the services of a traffic lawyer in Illinois unless your traffic ticket is to the level of a criminal offense. Regardless even for petty traffic offenses, you should consider getting legal representation. This is because it can make a world of a difference with the specifics of your case.

Will a Ticket Affect my Auto Insurance Rates?

criminal lawYour insurance rates will most likely increase after receiving a conviction for an Illinois traffic ticket. Typically, your insurance rates will not increase if your ticket is dismissed, you are found to be not guilty, or if you are placed on court supervision because the office is not reported on your public driving record.  An increase in your insurance premium depends on the type of traffic violation you have committed as well as your specific insurance policy. Speak with an Illinois traffic ticket attorney or contact your local insurance provider to find out any possible consequences on your auto insurance.

If you are looking for a local attorney to help you get your traffic ticket case resolved, call Diaz Law today! We are here to make sure that you understand the legal process as well as help you with your court appearance, if you have one.