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Family law can be very challenging. It includes emotional distress, custody settlements, spousal support, and more. It can become very difficult to find common ground or resolutions, that’s why our family law attorney is here to assist you in making tough decisions with a clear mind.

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At Diaz Law, we understand the importance of family law and the toll it can take. Our Alton, IL staff is here to listen to your case and help you and your family find solutions that are geared toward your family’s best interest.

Divorce Law & How We Can Help

Divorce law is made up of multiple components that include spousal maintenance, child support, custody, and visitation, and more.

Uncontested & Contested Divorces – There are two different ways to go about your divorce. Contested and uncontested. Contested is when both parties are unable to agree about the terms of the divorce, while in uncontested divorces both parties can agree on all issues including the division of assets and custody settlements.

Alimony – Alimony, otherwise known as spousal maintenance, is awarded based on different factors. Those include the duration of your marriage, the financial stability of both parties, and more. At Diaz Law, we will make sure that your interests are protected and that a fair resolution is met when undergoing spousal maintenance.

Child Support – At Diaz Law, we recognize the important role of both parents being involved in a child’s life. However, generally, the child support terms are in the best interest of the child.

Modifications – During your divorce process, there may need to be some modifications to your terms. We will work together to make sure that all modifications are agreed upon by both parties before being changed.

Visitation – In addition to child custody, each parent might be eligible for visitation rights depending on the child custody agreement and other factors.

Asset Division Alton Illinois

Another component when filing for divorce is the division of assets.

Divorce Stock Options – Using negation tactics, we will assist you in protecting your stock options.

State, Federal & Private Pension Plans – We will examine your retirement accounts and advocate for your rights and protection.

Divorce for Business Owners – If you and your former-spouse are business owners, we are capable of handling business interests and can correctly obtain your accurate business assessments.

Real Estate Investments & Vacation Properties – If you have real estate or vacation properties, we will address whether one party gets to keep the property or sell it.

Division of Assets in Divorce Alton IL
General Family Law Alton IL

General Family Law Matters – Alton Illinois

At Diaz Law in Alton, Illinois, we also offer legal services for general family law matters that include guardianship, adoption, and the division of retirement assets.

Adoption – We can assist you in the process of adopting stepchildren or if you are going through a private adoption service or agency.

Guardianship – If a family member is unable to care for a child, we can assist you in the process of obtaining guardianship to ensure that the child’s needs are met.

Division of Retirement Assets – You have saved your entire life for your retirement assets. We are here to assist you in the fair division if you happen to be caught in a divorce or other personal factors.

Count on Diaz Law in Alton IL

If you are experiencing family issues and are looking for a trusted family law attorney, you can count on us at Diaz Law. We have assisted in a variety of family law matters and will always keep our client’s best interest in mind. We also advocate for family or couple counseling services and have local resources available. Those include co-parenting classes and other professionals. The staff at Diaz Law promises that we will do what we can for your family law matters and to help you move forward.

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