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Illinois Family Mediator

Family law matters are always the most challenging for any attorney. In addition to the stress and complexities involved with divorce, custody settlements, and spousal support – advocating for resolutions that are in our clients’ best interest, while simultaneously not causing more damage to our client and their relationship with their family, is what our major focus is.

At Diaz Law Offices in Greenville, IL and Alton, IL, we understand the emotional and financial toll that family law matters have on our clients. It is often an overwhelming process and can be quite a burden for our clients. However, that is where having an experienced attorney helps. Because we advocate for your best interests and make your goals our priority.

Diaz Law Offices recognizes the importance of family law matters. Contact us today and tell us about your case and listen to legal experts about ideal solutions that are geared towards your best interests.

Comprehensive Family Law Advice

A major part of our practice is focused on family law matters. When you work with Diaz Law Offices, we want you to understand that you have an experienced family law attorney on your side, more than capable of handling your situation. We represent clients that cover a various range of legal matters, including:

Divorce Issues

  • Uncontested & Contested Divorces – There are two ways to go about your divorce. Contested divorces are when both parties can’t agree about the terms of the divorce, whereas uncontested divorces are when both spouses agree on all issues, including the division of assets and custody settlements. Diaz Law Offices is capable of handling both kinds of divorce processes and work toward bringing your marriage to a swift and equitable resolution.
  • Maintenance (Alimony) – Also known as spousal maintenance, this is awarded depending on several factors, including how long you were married – financial stability of both parties, etc. We work with our clients to ensure your interests are protected and a fair resolution is met regarding spousal maintenance.
  • Child Support – Every situation is different, however, we work to ensure your child support settlement is fair and manageable.
  • Child Custody – Courts recognize the importance of both parents being involved in a child’s life. Generally, custody is determined by what is in the child’s best interests. We will advocate for just visitation rights.
  • Modifications
  • Visitation
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Significant Assets

  • Divorcers Stock Options – using skilled negotiation tactics during property division, we help protect divorcee’s stock options.
  • State, Federal & Private Pension Plans – We advocate for our clients’ rights and protection of their interests in retirement accounts.
  • Divorce for Business Owners – We are capable of handling business interests during a divorce process, including obtaining accurate business assessments.
  • Real Estate Investments & Vacation Properties – If you have real estate investments or vacation properties, we address whether one party keeps or sells it.

Other Family Law Matters

  • Adoption – If you are trying to legally adopt your stepchild or going through a private adoption service – we can help assist you through the adoption process.
  • Guardianship – If a family member can’t look after their child, we work to help obtain guardianship to assure that your child’s needs are met.
  • Division of Retirement Assets – You saved your entire career for retirement assets, during a divorce, we help protect them.
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We Reach Effective Resolutions for Your Legal Matters

When dealing with the complexities of family law matters, Diaz Law Offices tries to resolve issues through mediation and negotiations, this is in all parties’ best interests. We advocate for counseling services and have ample resources available, including co-parenting classes. We understand your situation and the hardships that come along with it, which is why we provide any information you and your family need to help overcome these challenges and help you move forward.