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Family mediation can be very challenging. It includes emotional distress, custody settlements, spousal support, and more. It can become very difficult to find common ground or resolutions, that’s why our family mediation attorney is here to assist you in making tough decisions with a clear mind.

Mediation: What is it?

Mediation is defined as the voluntary process in which the parties of a dispute make decisions together based on the understanding of their own views as well as each other’s views. At Diaz Law we are highly trained and experienced in mediation, and we will guide you throughout the process and help you communicate your own options in a non-argumentative manner. We will maintain neutrality in order to help both parties identify the issues and clarify the various perceptions and explore ways to resolve the conflicts. Since both parties are engaging in mediation on a voluntary basis, it eliminates the “winner take all” approach that can be damaging to relationships. The goal with using a mediator is to reach a consensus, to preserve the relationship, and to avoid stress, time, and high costs of a litigation.

Division of Assets in Divorce Alton IL

Mediation is a useful tool for divorce, custody, and other family related issues. This is because it helps both parties recognize and acknowledge that they are co-parents who need to work together in an effective manner. We will provide both parties with the guidance and to solve their differences and achieve a satisfying and cost-effective result for their families.
Mediation can also be an excellent option for business, partnerships, and employee/employer dispute resolution. This is because it is often much quicker and less expensive than the litigation process.
In those cases where mediation is not the best approach, both parties are always free to return to the traditional system. If you would like more information about the mediation process, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Resolving The Most Pressing Problems of Divorce

Divorce by mediation addresses the same issues that traditional litigation deals with. This includes child custody, visitation rights, spousal maintenance, and division of property. The difference is that the discussion occurs not in a courtroom but in a more comfortable environment. Mediation helps to promote honest and respectful communication. Couples agree to work through their issues beforehand. Attorneys can be present but is there to help properly mediate.

Mediation does not completely eliminate the complexity or contention that occurs. We at Diaz Law provides divorce mediation services and addresses any issues in mediated divorces that can also be addressed in conventional litigation. This includes high net worth divorce, complex business issues, divisions of assets, and alimony.

How does divorce mediation work in the state of Illinois? Mediators do not make any decisions, as they work with both parties to create fair agreements. When decisions are being made, the divorce mediators will draft an outline of the agreements that are reached. The parties’ lawyers will draft and submit the legal documents that are needed to the court for approval. When the couple works together amicably to end the marriage, there is a less chance that the end result will be seen as unfair by either side. There is also far less post judgement fighting in most situations. However, there are some cases that should never be mediated.  If power is very unbalanced in a situation, your lawyer will help advise you to withdraw from the mediation process.

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If you are experiencing family issues and are looking for a trusted family mediation attorney, you can count on us at Diaz Law. We have assisted in a variety of family mediation matters and will always keep our client’s best interest in mind. We also advocate for family or couple counseling services and have local resources available. Those include co-parenting classes and other professionals. The staff at Diaz Law promises that we will do what we can for your family mediation matters and to help you move forward.

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