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10 Aug. 20

Texting and Driving – Cell Phone Law in Highland, IL

Texting & Driving – Cell Phone Law in the Highland, IL area!

Making sure you’re following the rules of the road is important, but that can be tough when new technology is constantly updating the law. If you’ve recently received a ticket for talking on your cell phone and driving in Highland, IL, this is what you need to know.

Driving Law On the Phone while DrivingCell Phone Law

Under Illinois state law, it’s illegal to talk on your cell phone while you’re driving. The same is true for texting. This is why it’s so important to know the traffic laws in your state.

While some states have exceptions for using your cell phone while you’re driving, chances are you’re going to receive a traffic violation if you’re using your phone while driving. If you’re above the age of 19, you are allowed to use a hands-free device for phone calls and sending and receiving text messages.

Texting & Driving – The Penalty

If you’re caught talking on your cell phone while driving, you’ll receive a cell phone ticket. However, you’re probably wondering what kind of fines and penalties come with that.

Texting and Driving AccidentThe first cell phone traffic violation has a maximum fine of $75, with fines of $100 for a second, $125 for a third, and $150 for a fourth offense. One important thing to remember is that these numbers are counting additional fees and costs, so you’ll be paying even more.

If using your phone while driving causes an accident, it goes beyond simple traffic laws. In a case like this, you’ll receive a much larger penalty.


While you’re not allowed to use a cell phone while driving under Illinois state law, there are exceptions to that rule. If you can prove that your case fits under one of these exceptions, you won’t receive a ticket.

For example, you’re allowed to use your cell phone in standstill traffic or when your vehicle is in the park or neutral. You’re also allowed to park on the shoulder of the highway and use your phone. Lastly, you’re allowed to use your cell phone in an emergency to contact an emergency assistance provider.

Fixing the Mess

Traffic violations are never fun, especially when they cost you a lot of money or your driver’s license. Lucky for you, you can fight your cell phone ticket and keep your driving record clean. If you feel you received a ticket, you shouldn’t have, contact the law offices of Michael J. Diaz today.