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How the Mediation Process Works in Wood River, IL

During mediation, a couple or family meets with a neutral third party. They do this to explore each party’s goals and child custody, needs in divorce, or other family law situations.  The mediator ensures that the parties gather all of the needed information that they need in order to make informed decisions and ensures that the mediation environment is free from intimidation or coercion. The mediator also helps both parties find common ground and facilitates discussions.

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divorce lawyerThe Role of the Mediator

Mediators do not have the right to make decisions for you. Instead, their role is to help both parties understand their options and work together towards their own agreement. Mediation focuses on problem-solving, not judging anyone or determining what is right or wrong in any situation. Each party gets the chance to make statements and then have a discussion about them. Mediation is an opportunity for each side to work on their communication skills with each other in order to work together in the future to solve problems related to their situation in a respectful and effective manner.

While both parties participate in the actual mediation, they may also be given some time to have individual conversations with the mediator. After the individual conversations, joint sessions can then take place and if it is possible to reach a solution, the mediation will then conclude. If an agreement is reached, our mediators will write a memorandum of understanding that all of the details of the agreement were reached during the mediation process.

Child Custody

The final decision must be agreed upon by both parties. If they cannot reach an agreement, then they may be referred to additional mediation or other methods including litigation.

In order to reach a successful resolution, both parties must participate in good faith during the mediation. If one side is trying to intimidate or dominate the other, the mediation will end. The parties will then need to seek other means in order to resolve their dispute including litigation.

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