Property Line Dispute

04 Oct. 22

Property Line Disputes Involving Trees in Wood River, IL

It can be frustrating when your neighbor’s tree hangs over your property in Wood River, IL. You might wonder, however, if you have the right to remove any parts of the tree that fall on your property line. Before you start a property line dispute you should check and follow the laws of your city or state regarding these matters. Here we will be discussing some general rules that you should know about problematic trees that hang onto your property.

Home LawKnowing If A Tree Is on Your Property

Whenever you purchase a property, you are typically given a survey of the property, which shows you your property’s boundaries. Following this survey, you will be able to determine which trees fall under your property and which ones are your neighbors. Trees whose trunks fall within your property line are your responsibility to upkeep. It is also your responsibility to ensure it does not pose any hazards.

Boundary Disputes

If you do not have a survey that you can use as a reference, you should have a new survey be made to determine the boundaries of your property line. In the unlikely scenario that a tree ends up between you and your neighbor’s property line, the responsibility will be split between the both of you.

Hazardous Trees

It is important that you regularly check your trees for any signs of disease or hazards. In case your tree has any hazards that fall into your neighbor’s property line, they could likely find you responsible for it. If you have a tree, they feel is hazardous, your neighbors may warn you or file a complaint with the city. If your tree proves to be a hazard and causes any damage to your neighbor’s property, you will most likely be found liable for that damage. In the event a complaint is filed with the city, the city may require you to remove the tree or they may come to your property to remove it.

Other Responsibilitiesproperty line

Some states and cities have rules and laws protecting the right to scenic views on your property. If your tree was blocking your neighbor’s view, they may the right to sue you unless you have the offending portions of the tree removed. It is also your responsibility to trim branches from trees, not on your property line that may end up on your property line. This must be done with care, as if you cause damage to your neighbor’s tree, you can be found liable for the damage. If your tree falls and causes damage to your neighbor’s property, you can be found liable for that damage, unless the insurance companies deem the situation as being unforeseeable. Be sure to take care of the trees that fall on your Wood River, IL property line.

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