29 Nov. 22

The Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation in Alton, IL


It is never easy to go through a divorce. Divorcing couples often see lengthy legal battles within a courtroom. Divorce proceedings in Alton, IL does not always have to involve going into a courtroom, as long as both ex-spouses are able to part ways easily. Couples looking to settle their divorce easier will often turn to mediation. Mediation is a process where two divorcing spouses meet with a mediator to come up with an agreement covering all aspects and terms of the divorce. This includes property division as well as child custody and support if there are any children involved. While there are many pros to getting assistance from a mediator, there are also some cons. Here we will be discussing more about the pros and cons of hiring a mediator during a divorce.

Pros of Meditation

In divorces where both couples are willing to communicate with each other and be honest, mediation works its best. Mediation will help keep the process of the divorce a lot cheaper than litigation in a courtroom in Alton, IL. Mediation also allows divorcing couples to resolve disputes and issues a lot quicker. It helps to promote respect between the separated couple. This is especially helpful in cases where children are involved. Mediation is also done in an environment that has a lot less pressure than a courtroom.

Cons of Out of Court Mediations

While all those pros make this process seem like the obvious option, the truth is that it is not always helpful or even a worthwhile option. If both of the spouses are clearly not going to communicate well at all, litigation is typically the option and mediation is just seen as a waste of time and money. Mediation also has a number of cons that hold it back from being a better option than litigation in many regards. Duirng this process, it is harder to determine if one spouse is purposefully hiding assets. You should never consider mediation in cases involving domestic abuse. The most important thing of all to remember is if the two parties are going to be hostile and aggressive toward each other and are not going to reach any kind of agreement, mediation is not the right option.Lawyer

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